• Capital Accounts

Capital Account enables Enterprises relating to foreign investment in/to Vietnam to perform the capital remittance transactions.

This account could be opened for Joint Venture companies, 100% foreign invested companies and foreign parties to a business cooperation contract.

It facilitates the transfer of capital in foreign currency from oversea to Vietnam or from Vietnam to oversea or domestic transfer for the above-mentioned transactions.

This transfer shall be applied between: parent company and subsidiaries, counter parties and joint venture companies, Head Office and branches, and self internal transfer.

Visit our CIMB Bank branch for applications. Our Relationship Managers will be more than happy to assist you. 

VND Foreign currency
Account opening fee Free Free
Minimum initial deposit amount Free Free
Minimum deposit amount VND 550,000 USD 25
Dormant account fee (Monthly fee if account has no transaction in  180 consecutive days)
VND 264,000 USD 12
Account early closure fee prior to 6 months of opening
Account closure fee after 6 months of opening
VND 110,000
Standing order setup & amendment 
VND 110,000
Statement (collected at bank) (per month)
- In 12 months
- Longer than 12 months

VND 44,000
VND 88,000

Balance certificate or account confirmation VND 110,000
Audit Statement VND 220,000 USD 10
Advice (collected at bank) (per page)
VND 11,000
USD 0.5
Account transaction investigation
VND 110,000 USD 5



  • The fees and charges are inclusive of 10% Value Added Tax
  • The fee is per account, per transaction or per request, unless otherwise stated in this schedule.
  • Other bank’s charges, if any, are charged separately.
  • Applied fee currency is aligned with account currency.
  • All fees contained herein are subject to amendment, supplement or cancellation and will be notified only when required by local regulation.
  • Other services not listed herein will be provided upon request with fees advised accordingly.

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